Training and Exercising

Why emergency first responders and the military spend so much time on training? Because their roles are inherently driven by crisis with little or no notice. Organizations expecting top level “game day” performance from their crisis management teams (CMT) must focus on 3 distinct educational areas: 

  1. Foundational training that provides the core crisis management skills such as policy development, process, plan design, crisis anatomy and CMT roles.  
  2. Ongoing training with realistic scenarios that are tailored to the organization’s industry. These are planned activities where the entire team is aware of training context.  
  3. An exercise regime that is meant to validate crisis management plans with realistic scenarios. Exercises should be run with little or no advance notice and require an external team to act as controllers.  

We possess industry leading tools which address all three facets of crisis management preparedness including a collection of increasingly complex thematic scenarios. Scenarios are tailored for industry and/or client context to ensure a realistic and impactful training experience.