Virtual CSO

Attracting and retaining top corporate security talent is difficult for medium sized and start-up organizations. Even for large organizations, the recruiting process for permanent corporate security leadership can often take 6-12 months. V-CSO services can provide part-time or interim corporate security governance support in any situation. 

Specifically, a V-CSO ensures: 

  • An independent and external perspective 
  • Seamless transition with security leadership teams 
  • Interim support during corporate growth phases 
  • A review of current state corporate security program and infrastructure 
  • Onboarding support & mentoring for permanent incumbents 

Interim solutions provide organizations that do not require a full time CSO with a world class corporate security professional at a fraction of the cost. The V-CSO brings over a 100 years of corporate security experience across a variety of industries as well as extensive connectivity within government and national law enforcement. 

How V-CSO services help our clients: 

  • By providing immediate or ‘as required’ support providing your organization with maximum flexibility 
  • By providing a far more cost-effective solution to leverage part time or interim services without traditional personnel overheads costs 
  • By advising with unfiltered and independent perspectives regardless of situational circumstances 
  • By offering scalability for current needs and budget restrictions 
  • By leveraging the knowledge and experience of seasoned corporate security professionals to provide rigorous and thorough security governance 
  • By providing access to the RCAS talent pool of professionals ensuring the right V-CSO “fit” for your needs 
  • By ensuring peace of mind, C-suite individuals can focus on core business activities.